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 Welcome! My name is Moses Dubien and I am the founder and head teacher at OPEN Eikaiwa. With my years of teaching experience and my qualifications I want to improve your speaking and writing in English! Maybe you are working at a restaurant with many English speaking customers or maybe you are a product sale manager at a duty free store. Each person has their own unique needs and wants when learning English. Knowing this, I will work hard to make sure that your lessons are designed with you in mind. Lastly, although we specialize in business English, all learners are welcome!

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Moses Dubien, M.Ed. (Master of Education)


I was looking for a teacher who was qualified to teach English. However, I couldn't find it right away, so when I consulted with an American I knew, I was introduced to "Open English Conversation" based on my qualifications and experience in English education. This was my first time to teach online, but I am very happy to have taken 6 hours including experience to this day.
I feel that I am using my time to the fullest.

The teachers are very friendly and give us solid and enjoyable lessons. If you want to start studying English conversation, have a practice opportunity, but are wondering what to do, try "Open English Conversation" rather than wasting your lost time and take a quick step. It is recommended.

-Translated with Google Translate from Japanese to English

Shusuke, OPEN Eikaiwa Student

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